Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What is Multidimensionality and why embodying it?

Multidimensionality is the recognition of the true nature of the self as
Divine consciousness/Spirit in a human form. We are, in essence, spiritual beings having
a human experience and not the other way around.  We actually exist in multiple
realms simultaneously, from the most physical manifestations of our lives to the most
subtle realities we connect to through feeling and intuition.

Recognizing our multidimensionality and especially embodying it allows us
to move into endless creativity and wisdom. We can access the wisdom
of everything that has already been created and the potential of everything
that can be created.  When we welcome in deep and infinite wisdom and
we recognize it in our bodies, we can embody it and we become it.

Embodying our multidimensional self allows us to keep up with the fast moving evolutionary energies that are part of this transitional period of human growth and evolution that we are living in. It opens up vast possibilities of becoming and creating that every human has within themselves, and allows us to integrate aspects of our nature that seem disassociated or in conflict.

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