Monday, August 13, 2012

Touched by our "The Golden Love Temple" Workshop, Berlin edition.

After our second edition of the Golden Love Temple workshop in Berlin I feel immensely grateful and honored for all the men that have poured their trust in our hands this weekend. In the end of these heart deepening experience I have felt more than ever that the essence of the Golden Love Temple was being experienced by our beloved men in he circle. This essence that was born as a dream out of the deepest core of our hearts for Thorsten and me.

We had dreamed of bridging sexuality and spirituality to expand both dimensions of our human experience to cut through the veil of separation of our sexual and love life to be able to meet with other of our beloved brothers in a real intimate place where our hearts are open and our senses and bodies naked. In trust, in love everything is possible any transformation and a change of our most destructive perceptions can be renewed.

One of the most touching statements of one of our man was "I have had sex with literately thousands of men here and there but actually I had no gay friends I have never experience a real intimacy with another men... I am feel moved by my experiences in this weekend and I learned that my way one is of self-love and self-acceptance"

And on the other end of the spectrum, another men commented " After this workshop I will take home the joy of life and having a body and enjoying this"

For me I learn to move more in the flow of life and of the moment, the structure that we create over the experiences of these weekend was malleable and flowing as the energy of the group was taking us and this allowed us all to have a greater expansive experience of our body and our divinity in the present moment, realizing in a very tangible manner that we are all interconnected that we in a level form part of a big body along with the Earth.

I am blessed.