Friday, November 9, 2012

A celebration of the Sacred Feminine at the Golden Retreat (Orval, BE)

As usual as we entered into the energy field that we, the participants, created for the workshop there is a big question mark that surrounds the details of what is about to happen to all of us particularly and as a whole.

My mind was wondering for a few weeks now about the reason for having so few participants this time, was it something practical like the dates? Or maybe even the location that required a bit more logistics than the usual airport-to-venue? I was very uncomfortable as all this pushed some self-doubt buttons as well.

The Magic of 7

With still some struggle in my mind I knew I could trust and let go. I felt when connecting to the moment of the workshop that there was an immense light feeling (which I generally feel as Love) coming out of it and we all felt expanded and at ease. So on the day of the workshop itself and as the energy of the Temple settled-in the reasons for this “petit comité” started to come to surface. We were only 7, this number has a vibration to create and empower whatever it touches as it deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness.

The Alchemy of Sex

When I talk about the Temple energetically, it means the container formed by the main intention of the workshop, intended beforehand which works as a call, plus the addition of the individual intentions and energy of each participant. Physically, it is of course the room where the workshop takes place and indeed it has let’s say, its own energetic mix or dynamics. It turned out that in this very room Sex was never experienced with the deepness and intensity as we do in our workshops furthermore linking it to Spirituality as part of the same reality, leaving the illusion of separation aside. 

Alchemy is popularly seen as the process of transmutation and transformation of lead into gold, of a poor valued metal into a precious one. Nevertheless, when we talk about personal alchemy we talk about transmuting the loveless, powerless, obscured or diminished parts of our beings weather mental emotional or physical energy integrating them into the realization of our own divinity that illuminates everything we are. This illumination sets a greater scope to the view of our own life and circumstances and gives perspective to our human situation or challenges so we can freely act upon them. Becoming free.

In this manner, all of who we are becomes aware that we are the divine creators of our human experience and that the reference for our own lives exists only in ourselves. In other words, matter seen as our physical body, our humanity a more dense form of energy meets equally and unbiased its own divine-self and becomes aware of its unity which empowers our creator-ship. We are right now creating the life we are having.

The Celebration of the Sacred Feminine

Suppressed for a long time and in a myriad of ways primarily to cut off the creative power of human kind. The feminine power can be seen as a dark ocean, an abyss of the unknown where people who adventure to enter do not know if the would even make it to the other side. Symbolically, in this immense body of water we find our emotions, our deepest fears, the great power of sex and the resourcefulness of silence, receptivity and quietness. Lust for life and source of life on this Earth. This feminine quality is not directly connected to a gender but to a quality of being found in men and women.

The obscurity related to the feminine is mainly caused by religions who have forced her into oblivion so it so we fear our own resources and gave away our power to create all of our experiences in life. Within the womb of this archetypical Cosmic Mother lays all what is about to be manifested all what is yet to come into light into the Cosmic Father or Male divine principle to actually create manifestation on this Earth plane. 

Amongst of all participants, feminine aspects, relationship to our mother, our sexuality, our animal nature, etc. came up to be transformed, to lift off the patriarchal imbalance, their masks of drama and pain fading away. If not at once, it opened the gates of consciousness for it to happen. As we went on in this process, the energy group called in   to plunge deeper into the waters of the matter, our shameless empowered sexuality.

We started then a ritual, which I will not describe in detail but in its energetic process; after building up enough sexual energy we directed it to the higher energy centers, all of us at the same time with the call of our individual divine spark or celestial soul intending with us. At the end of it, a great ejaculation from our throat (fifth chakra) took place merging the previous female energy build up in the lower part of our bodies with our own male active principle, bridging in a very tangible way the spiritual and material realms of our being, allowing if for some time living a non-dualistic experience in our body.

Of course the individual experience of this ritual stays a very personal one. Nevertheless, for me is always amazing the ways inner knowing can take us, even if for the mind most of the times it does not make sense, after the path has been walked we realize that all those step stones along the way had a deeper meaning and a reason in a wider perspective which is not obvious to the immediately. The same case applies to our lives when we are driven by the gentle directive force of our Sacred Feminine energy, our inner knowing or intuition, so stop and listen from time to time to make sure that you are not missing any opportunity to actually love yourself more.


Berlin, Germany. November 2012.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Video: Experiencias sobre Taller: Tantra Sensualidad y Deseo - Mexico, Agosto 2012

Los participantes pueden mejor que nadie expresar de alguna manera lo que vivieron en este primer taller vivencial Tantra, Sensualidad y Deseo en Guadalajara, Mexico.
Si lo encuentran interesante porfavor compartan la informacion en las redes sociales. Los necesitamos, para llegar a mas. Gracias !!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playful Eros - by Thorsten Sheranius

Frankfurt 28-30 September 2012

PLAYFUL EROS made the men happy, horny, playful and relaxed.

For the first time i combined all the exercises that inspired me most on my erotic and spiritual path.
The different ingredients and spices gave birth to a delicious experience.
The men discovered their natural desires and inner animals and also shared deep spiritual Moments with each other.

One man said that he enjoyed deeply the shameless space where you can play with your body and other men as you wish and desire from Moment to Moment.
In his eyes this is only possible because the Space feels very protected and safe.

Another man shared that he uses this kind of group experiences when he can`t sleep at home, he reconnects in his body to that warm and protected feeling that he had with the group. Then he sleeps like a Baby.Another man wanted to take the whole group home.

My personal peak moment was a RITUAL on Sunday morning that allowed a nude group of men to explore each other with all our senses.
Seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, smelling everybody as close and deep as you wish, reconnecting to the joy of animals or playing children.

It felt like a crazy Ceremony of SACRED SEXUALITY in a LOVE TEMPLE.

That is how i want to celebrate every Sunday morning from now on.
Thorsten Sheranius

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Golden Love Temple - Berlin by Thorsten

The Golden Love Temple - Berlin
August 2012

Last weekend "The Golden Love Temple" happened the 2nd time, the first time in Berlin.

Although David & Thorsten are experienced in many ways as Tantric Teachers and sexual Healers, the golden Love Temple is their Baby, the creation that expresses their personal taste between spirituality and sexuality.

Because of this, we were both very touched to see the Experiences and Transformations in the Group.

We came from a Summer Eros Retreat at Lychensee and a Ridical Faerie Gethering in Wannsee. So the Energy was already very high to bath a Group of 9 men in the "Golden Love Temple".
This special Space that means so much to us and that magically unfolds when we give Sessions or teach together.

Already the first sharing went very deep, we asked to bring up Topics and wishes about Healing and Transformation and the men shared very deep things after knowing a very short while, maybe 1hr.
This courage enables the Process of Transformation and healing in mystical and physical ways.

A man shared having a history with thousands of sexual encounters without sharing any intimacy, without having gay Friends in his life.

Other men were bisexual and not quite sure about what do they really want and need from other men.

One man lived bisexual for a long time and now wanted to go on 100% for his happy gay life.

Transformation, Beauty and Love happened in many ways.

I was very touched by the Chanellings of David, i was very surprised by my Partner Yoga Session that happened to be in a circle of 11 men.
I never liked Partner Yoga very much but this Session suddenly flew out of me.
As a channeling, one posture gave birth to the next to the next to the next.
Divine creativity sparkling into the group.

The Feedback was as beautiful as the Sessions itself :-)

Another Top Moment was a "Puppy Pile" on Saturday Night.
A Pile of naked Bodies woven into each other as a web of gay and bisexual men, without the intension of having sex, but feeling Skin Contact, Intimacy, breathing together, it seemed endless and timeless, nobody wanted to leave this amazing web of men.
Finding all the beautifull and intimate connection that you will not easy find in any Darkroom, Sauna or Sexclub.

These and many more moments made the weekend very deep and much to short, but on the other Hand a long Journey.

A Journey in which we became a brotherhood men that Love men, men that are not scared of intimacy and not scared of Spirituality but LOVE both and Life both.

Thank you dear men of Berlin Golden Love Temple

Thorsten Sheranius

Monday, August 13, 2012

Touched by our "The Golden Love Temple" Workshop, Berlin edition.

After our second edition of the Golden Love Temple workshop in Berlin I feel immensely grateful and honored for all the men that have poured their trust in our hands this weekend. In the end of these heart deepening experience I have felt more than ever that the essence of the Golden Love Temple was being experienced by our beloved men in he circle. This essence that was born as a dream out of the deepest core of our hearts for Thorsten and me.

We had dreamed of bridging sexuality and spirituality to expand both dimensions of our human experience to cut through the veil of separation of our sexual and love life to be able to meet with other of our beloved brothers in a real intimate place where our hearts are open and our senses and bodies naked. In trust, in love everything is possible any transformation and a change of our most destructive perceptions can be renewed.

One of the most touching statements of one of our man was "I have had sex with literately thousands of men here and there but actually I had no gay friends I have never experience a real intimacy with another men... I am feel moved by my experiences in this weekend and I learned that my way one is of self-love and self-acceptance"

And on the other end of the spectrum, another men commented " After this workshop I will take home the joy of life and having a body and enjoying this"

For me I learn to move more in the flow of life and of the moment, the structure that we create over the experiences of these weekend was malleable and flowing as the energy of the group was taking us and this allowed us all to have a greater expansive experience of our body and our divinity in the present moment, realizing in a very tangible manner that we are all interconnected that we in a level form part of a big body along with the Earth.

I am blessed.



Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 A Vision of a turning point on Earth

The basic human struggle is finally dying, as the human struggle bottom line is a struggle for Energy based fundamentally on the belief, installed in the collective consciousness long time ago, that on this World there is not enough Energy and Love available to everyone, bringing a sense of scarcity and fear as a primary driving force in our creations.

This situation is bringing changes that are currently manifested and bridged on two levels; on an individual, we are becoming increasingly aware that we are ever connected with our own power source of divine Love, to our individual/collective source of eternal energy, Life, God/Goddess or whatever we want to call it . Never before there was so many information, wisdom and tools available to acknowledge our divinity. This divine spark has no need of intermediaries to be in touch with or aligned to. There is no one in this world that is currently incarnated on Earth for whom this connection is currently unavailable. This new found connection makes us realize that we are much more resourceful and plentiful than we have ever thought and thus that we are indeed  the drivers and creators of our own daily experience. We can fuel our dreams; we can Love our lives. Leaving behind guilt, judgment and blame as we are realizing our most heartfelt individuality and personal truths.

On a collective level this is being mirrored in our reality as an increasing number amongst us, are finally taking responsibility for our own lives, emotionally, mentally and physically and the way we would like to live on this Earth. We are currently creating and proposing ways to bring and take advantage of resources that are nearly eternal like the sunlight and wind, these energy resources which are actually mirroring again back into the world our realization of independence from intermediaries and the problem-solution dynamic fraught in power struggles of energy availability created by few and fueled by the mass belief on single and dependent limited energy sources such as oil which have become toxic an taxing for our human life. 

The source of this dependency for energy either physical (fuels, electricity) or non physical (Love-approval) from structures such as governments, corporations and religious organizations that act as an intermediaries of the energy is fading away, crumbling down such is the case of the current economic system as we realize that we need to act on our own benefit and purpose for the Life we want.  Moreover, as energy in a manifested form or not is intrinsically the same and as we realize that this energy becomes available and freer, we are becoming increasingly aware that instead of spending more energy on paying for energy to live we can just fuel ourselves and our dreams to live and to Love.  We keep on moving towards a Love based experience instead of a fear and scarcity based Earth experience.

In trust the heart opens and the more we feel the more our heart is open to feel, the more life gives us more of what we feel reflecting back experiences that enhance our right, ability and joy to feel more, the more we express what we feel the more we create those experiences already felt.

By feeling more of everything “positive” /  “negative” we acknowledge fully who we are, we honor every part of ourselves, we become more aware of ALL of that we are so that we can expand the vision of ourselves. We allow the pendulum to swing from one side to the other until it starts turning and we can perceive life as the constant flow it actually IS.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La Ilusion de mi Mundo

La ilusión era mi mundo y el mundo una ilusión. Parece entonces una historia que por fin se acaba un lío de un juego que parecía tan real que me olvidé de quien era. Me he ido despertando no de un solo golpe sino como si somnoliento no del todo conciente, cuando por periodos de tiempo se borra la niebla de mi cabeza para reírme de lo que esta pasando. Despierto por minutos para amar profundamente lo he estado viviendo entrelazando un evento con otro, una decisión con otra, un minuto y otro y la experiencia que al final he escogido es totalmente perfecta y me hace sentido. Todavía parezco un loco y siempre lo he sido pero poco a poco la locura parece hacerse mas la cordura que todos buscamos de alguna manera, con caminos mas o menos complicados, con caminos que nos hacen sufrir o con caminos a través del amor y el encanto que nos lleva a resolver los misterios de la vida.

Sin embargo esta vez no es solo una ojeada al libro de la vida y sus secretos sino la revelación final de las fibras de la vida y del Todo del que somos parte y hemos vivido desde la eternidad. Ahora la eternidad no me da miedo ni me asusta el vacío que esta suponía cuando era niño, se me hacia increíble que si éramos almas infinitas el tiempo hacia atrás y hacia delante podía prolongarse infinitamente hasta que el mundo como lo conocía y todo lo que existía como una realidad tangible en aquel momento para mi, se volviera nada el principio se juntaba con el fin y todo era uno; aun en aquellas elucubraciones tempranas mi espíritu me respondía sabiamente poniendo en mi imaginación una mano amorosísima que me sostenía en la eternidad y yo no tenia nada por que preocuparme, podía dormir tranquilo. Ahora la eternidad la puedo percibir a través del no tiempo, de la infinidad del amor y de la existencia que solo es en todo momento, “todo el tiempo”. Sin necesidad de ir a ninguna parte a encontrarla solo debajo de las mantas que el ego nos ha proveído para darnos cobijo en una versión del mundo que perece poco a poco en medio de una lucha, porque el dolor y el miedo todo lo ha invadido.

En mi despertar turbulento siempre ha habido luces de esperanza incluso en las noches mas oscuras donde mis sombras me cazan, donde mi mente me ayuda a saber que tan solo por el hecho de existir solo por ese simple hecho no puede haber cosa, circunstancia o condición en mi que pueda estar “mal” pues también al tomar mi poder sabiendo que yo he decidido venir a este mundo a vivir el amor, EL AMOR, el universo o Dios o la vida no anda dando tumbos al azar.

Luxury and pleasure

Luxury and pleasure are sustainable just as the nature provides us with time and energy for lust and play, with a luscious delicate flower that quickly fades away just to give space for another creation to raise. Hand in hand with the healing female energy that healing that is transitory and absolutely necessary as we continue evolving in this overly manly world which has forgotten that the actual image and emotion of the male energy is not even aggressive, violent or disruptive but ever supportive and also loving. We need his healing because we have let to others our own power to live and to decide what is good or not for us, thus we have to heal ourselves, we have to amend something, we have to integrate the female energy in us and we have to reconcile that female with its counterparty because otherwise life will not be as it actually is, self sustainable. There is no other purpose of this life than living, breathing, spacing, waiting feeling the flow of our own energy flowing in this vehicle where we have decided to spend our incarnation on earth. There is nothing to fight but millions of things to recognize, there are limits to set.

In any case in the search of a balanced lush and luxury the only choice for me is to make the nature my ally with her inspiration and materials. To bring more people together with useful, beautiful objects that can heal us with their own vibration but and even beyond as the chain of commercial distribution will aim to even the  the differences and the pain that the illusionary division has created in the first place. The energy of bounty and plentiful comes from love and as a flow it comes and as the nature has cycles that allow the regeneration and rejuvenation of the resources necessary to create again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surrendering to the Body

In these times of Heart energy birthing through our bodies, through our incarnating vehicle we are asked to surrender to our bodies needs once more, to its desires, its moves. When the impulse is from the body and not the mind; the pleasure, the excitement and the peace that accompanies the experience of accepting and welcoming your body needs and impulses happens exactly there where the impulse has started, in the body in our physicality, this is necessary to keep bringing more light and more Love into every fiber of our material reality.

It is becoming so important that it is almost impossible to stay healthy and fit if we try to cling only to our spiritual self activating only the upper centers of bodies, and being only receptive to this information above. We need to look down this time, once we have reached and recognized our ever eternal connection to the Divine, to the source it is very important to look back again, our spirituality will not go away, it is us, we have just come acknowledged this fact.

It is time again to look to the ground, to the Earth and to infuse our daily life, our activities and relations with this flavor, to actually anchor the Heart reality on Earth, Love is the future but is not up there in a cloud is not miles away from Earth, it is here on every fleck of dust. Look down is time to give Birth to life on Earth now.



Workshop "The Golden Love Temple" 1st Edition Cologne

Caring Healing on Facebook - "The Golden Love Temple" 1st Edition Cologne

Thanks to All of the Men of the 1st Edition of "The Golden Love Temple" in Cologne last weekend. Here are some pictures in our Facebook page to share with you this beautiful space we have all created.

Thorsten and David