Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 A Vision of a turning point on Earth

The basic human struggle is finally dying, as the human struggle bottom line is a struggle for Energy based fundamentally on the belief, installed in the collective consciousness long time ago, that on this World there is not enough Energy and Love available to everyone, bringing a sense of scarcity and fear as a primary driving force in our creations.

This situation is bringing changes that are currently manifested and bridged on two levels; on an individual, we are becoming increasingly aware that we are ever connected with our own power source of divine Love, to our individual/collective source of eternal energy, Life, God/Goddess or whatever we want to call it . Never before there was so many information, wisdom and tools available to acknowledge our divinity. This divine spark has no need of intermediaries to be in touch with or aligned to. There is no one in this world that is currently incarnated on Earth for whom this connection is currently unavailable. This new found connection makes us realize that we are much more resourceful and plentiful than we have ever thought and thus that we are indeed  the drivers and creators of our own daily experience. We can fuel our dreams; we can Love our lives. Leaving behind guilt, judgment and blame as we are realizing our most heartfelt individuality and personal truths.

On a collective level this is being mirrored in our reality as an increasing number amongst us, are finally taking responsibility for our own lives, emotionally, mentally and physically and the way we would like to live on this Earth. We are currently creating and proposing ways to bring and take advantage of resources that are nearly eternal like the sunlight and wind, these energy resources which are actually mirroring again back into the world our realization of independence from intermediaries and the problem-solution dynamic fraught in power struggles of energy availability created by few and fueled by the mass belief on single and dependent limited energy sources such as oil which have become toxic an taxing for our human life. 

The source of this dependency for energy either physical (fuels, electricity) or non physical (Love-approval) from structures such as governments, corporations and religious organizations that act as an intermediaries of the energy is fading away, crumbling down such is the case of the current economic system as we realize that we need to act on our own benefit and purpose for the Life we want.  Moreover, as energy in a manifested form or not is intrinsically the same and as we realize that this energy becomes available and freer, we are becoming increasingly aware that instead of spending more energy on paying for energy to live we can just fuel ourselves and our dreams to live and to Love.  We keep on moving towards a Love based experience instead of a fear and scarcity based Earth experience.

In trust the heart opens and the more we feel the more our heart is open to feel, the more life gives us more of what we feel reflecting back experiences that enhance our right, ability and joy to feel more, the more we express what we feel the more we create those experiences already felt.

By feeling more of everything “positive” /  “negative” we acknowledge fully who we are, we honor every part of ourselves, we become more aware of ALL of that we are so that we can expand the vision of ourselves. We allow the pendulum to swing from one side to the other until it starts turning and we can perceive life as the constant flow it actually IS.