Monday, October 22, 2012

Video: Experiencias sobre Taller: Tantra Sensualidad y Deseo - Mexico, Agosto 2012

Los participantes pueden mejor que nadie expresar de alguna manera lo que vivieron en este primer taller vivencial Tantra, Sensualidad y Deseo en Guadalajara, Mexico.
Si lo encuentran interesante porfavor compartan la informacion en las redes sociales. Los necesitamos, para llegar a mas. Gracias !!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playful Eros - by Thorsten Sheranius

Frankfurt 28-30 September 2012

PLAYFUL EROS made the men happy, horny, playful and relaxed.

For the first time i combined all the exercises that inspired me most on my erotic and spiritual path.
The different ingredients and spices gave birth to a delicious experience.
The men discovered their natural desires and inner animals and also shared deep spiritual Moments with each other.

One man said that he enjoyed deeply the shameless space where you can play with your body and other men as you wish and desire from Moment to Moment.
In his eyes this is only possible because the Space feels very protected and safe.

Another man shared that he uses this kind of group experiences when he can`t sleep at home, he reconnects in his body to that warm and protected feeling that he had with the group. Then he sleeps like a Baby.Another man wanted to take the whole group home.

My personal peak moment was a RITUAL on Sunday morning that allowed a nude group of men to explore each other with all our senses.
Seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, smelling everybody as close and deep as you wish, reconnecting to the joy of animals or playing children.

It felt like a crazy Ceremony of SACRED SEXUALITY in a LOVE TEMPLE.

That is how i want to celebrate every Sunday morning from now on.
Thorsten Sheranius

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Golden Love Temple - Berlin by Thorsten

The Golden Love Temple - Berlin
August 2012

Last weekend "The Golden Love Temple" happened the 2nd time, the first time in Berlin.

Although David & Thorsten are experienced in many ways as Tantric Teachers and sexual Healers, the golden Love Temple is their Baby, the creation that expresses their personal taste between spirituality and sexuality.

Because of this, we were both very touched to see the Experiences and Transformations in the Group.

We came from a Summer Eros Retreat at Lychensee and a Ridical Faerie Gethering in Wannsee. So the Energy was already very high to bath a Group of 9 men in the "Golden Love Temple".
This special Space that means so much to us and that magically unfolds when we give Sessions or teach together.

Already the first sharing went very deep, we asked to bring up Topics and wishes about Healing and Transformation and the men shared very deep things after knowing a very short while, maybe 1hr.
This courage enables the Process of Transformation and healing in mystical and physical ways.

A man shared having a history with thousands of sexual encounters without sharing any intimacy, without having gay Friends in his life.

Other men were bisexual and not quite sure about what do they really want and need from other men.

One man lived bisexual for a long time and now wanted to go on 100% for his happy gay life.

Transformation, Beauty and Love happened in many ways.

I was very touched by the Chanellings of David, i was very surprised by my Partner Yoga Session that happened to be in a circle of 11 men.
I never liked Partner Yoga very much but this Session suddenly flew out of me.
As a channeling, one posture gave birth to the next to the next to the next.
Divine creativity sparkling into the group.

The Feedback was as beautiful as the Sessions itself :-)

Another Top Moment was a "Puppy Pile" on Saturday Night.
A Pile of naked Bodies woven into each other as a web of gay and bisexual men, without the intension of having sex, but feeling Skin Contact, Intimacy, breathing together, it seemed endless and timeless, nobody wanted to leave this amazing web of men.
Finding all the beautifull and intimate connection that you will not easy find in any Darkroom, Sauna or Sexclub.

These and many more moments made the weekend very deep and much to short, but on the other Hand a long Journey.

A Journey in which we became a brotherhood men that Love men, men that are not scared of intimacy and not scared of Spirituality but LOVE both and Life both.

Thank you dear men of Berlin Golden Love Temple

Thorsten Sheranius