Friday, November 9, 2012

A celebration of the Sacred Feminine at the Golden Retreat (Orval, BE)

As usual as we entered into the energy field that we, the participants, created for the workshop there is a big question mark that surrounds the details of what is about to happen to all of us particularly and as a whole.

My mind was wondering for a few weeks now about the reason for having so few participants this time, was it something practical like the dates? Or maybe even the location that required a bit more logistics than the usual airport-to-venue? I was very uncomfortable as all this pushed some self-doubt buttons as well.

The Magic of 7

With still some struggle in my mind I knew I could trust and let go. I felt when connecting to the moment of the workshop that there was an immense light feeling (which I generally feel as Love) coming out of it and we all felt expanded and at ease. So on the day of the workshop itself and as the energy of the Temple settled-in the reasons for this “petit comité” started to come to surface. We were only 7, this number has a vibration to create and empower whatever it touches as it deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness.

The Alchemy of Sex

When I talk about the Temple energetically, it means the container formed by the main intention of the workshop, intended beforehand which works as a call, plus the addition of the individual intentions and energy of each participant. Physically, it is of course the room where the workshop takes place and indeed it has let’s say, its own energetic mix or dynamics. It turned out that in this very room Sex was never experienced with the deepness and intensity as we do in our workshops furthermore linking it to Spirituality as part of the same reality, leaving the illusion of separation aside. 

Alchemy is popularly seen as the process of transmutation and transformation of lead into gold, of a poor valued metal into a precious one. Nevertheless, when we talk about personal alchemy we talk about transmuting the loveless, powerless, obscured or diminished parts of our beings weather mental emotional or physical energy integrating them into the realization of our own divinity that illuminates everything we are. This illumination sets a greater scope to the view of our own life and circumstances and gives perspective to our human situation or challenges so we can freely act upon them. Becoming free.

In this manner, all of who we are becomes aware that we are the divine creators of our human experience and that the reference for our own lives exists only in ourselves. In other words, matter seen as our physical body, our humanity a more dense form of energy meets equally and unbiased its own divine-self and becomes aware of its unity which empowers our creator-ship. We are right now creating the life we are having.

The Celebration of the Sacred Feminine

Suppressed for a long time and in a myriad of ways primarily to cut off the creative power of human kind. The feminine power can be seen as a dark ocean, an abyss of the unknown where people who adventure to enter do not know if the would even make it to the other side. Symbolically, in this immense body of water we find our emotions, our deepest fears, the great power of sex and the resourcefulness of silence, receptivity and quietness. Lust for life and source of life on this Earth. This feminine quality is not directly connected to a gender but to a quality of being found in men and women.

The obscurity related to the feminine is mainly caused by religions who have forced her into oblivion so it so we fear our own resources and gave away our power to create all of our experiences in life. Within the womb of this archetypical Cosmic Mother lays all what is about to be manifested all what is yet to come into light into the Cosmic Father or Male divine principle to actually create manifestation on this Earth plane. 

Amongst of all participants, feminine aspects, relationship to our mother, our sexuality, our animal nature, etc. came up to be transformed, to lift off the patriarchal imbalance, their masks of drama and pain fading away. If not at once, it opened the gates of consciousness for it to happen. As we went on in this process, the energy group called in   to plunge deeper into the waters of the matter, our shameless empowered sexuality.

We started then a ritual, which I will not describe in detail but in its energetic process; after building up enough sexual energy we directed it to the higher energy centers, all of us at the same time with the call of our individual divine spark or celestial soul intending with us. At the end of it, a great ejaculation from our throat (fifth chakra) took place merging the previous female energy build up in the lower part of our bodies with our own male active principle, bridging in a very tangible way the spiritual and material realms of our being, allowing if for some time living a non-dualistic experience in our body.

Of course the individual experience of this ritual stays a very personal one. Nevertheless, for me is always amazing the ways inner knowing can take us, even if for the mind most of the times it does not make sense, after the path has been walked we realize that all those step stones along the way had a deeper meaning and a reason in a wider perspective which is not obvious to the immediately. The same case applies to our lives when we are driven by the gentle directive force of our Sacred Feminine energy, our inner knowing or intuition, so stop and listen from time to time to make sure that you are not missing any opportunity to actually love yourself more.


Berlin, Germany. November 2012.