Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Love Temple Frankfurt 2014

It was again amazing to spend 10 days with David and take a bath together in this energy that we both feel home in.

In this place where we know we are souls having an experience in this body, we know we are just passengers on a journey, having an experience of living, an experience of the body and the senses.
So i enjoyed very much this remembering after a personal difficult time.

From this place of enjoying the senses and our divinity we started the Love Temple in Frankfurt.
Allowing was the center Topic in my point of view, allowing our eternal wisdom and our newest gifts to speak and celebrate and also allowing the participants their process and inviting everybody to allow their journey to open and celebrate their incarnation.
As we just came back from the Sound healing workshop TANTRIC SOUNDS we offered a lot of Sound exercises and the effects were deeply healing and transformative.
Since many years the chanting of Mantras have liftet my Should very much, so i offered several Sessions of mantra Chanting during these days.
The Saturday Night Ritual was very juicy and powerful, we truly  entered the deep journey of first being with the heart center in several ways for some time and in several ways and from there to travel into very powerful sex states and from there into fine spiritual realms and  crazy toning moments and let it all expand as far as everybody can take it.
All men felt safe and taken care of at any moment and at the same time challenged and deeply touched :-)

I Love this way of being together and share the moment and all our wisdom.
It was Number five (5 in numerology relates to the physical body) of these Kind of Workshops with me and David.
We started as the „Golden Love Temple“, now changed to „The Love Temple“ only and now it is time for a completely new and free Name. The Baby is fully born and incarnated since this time.
Temple, Love and Golden can sound scary and religious or crazy spiritual for some men and that is not were we aim.
We aim for a Place were we all feel amazing, safe, welcome, taken care of, a place were we can share our gifts and receive the gifts of the others.
I Love to see men getting a glimpse of who we really are and how powerful we are and supporting them to let this part grow.
I am full of gratitude to be a part of this offering in form of a workshop.

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